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Set allowable places to visit on a virtual map and follow your kid’s movements around them.

  • Mark specific zones on a digital map
  • Follow when a child breaches them
  • Get notified once safe areas are left

What is the Kidgy Geo fencing?

The Kidgy Geofencing informs parents about the child’s current location and their position to a particular territory. A parent can specify places not to cross on a virtual map and get notified when it happened.


Set safe areas

Spot precise zones on a Kidgy digital map. Indicate any place you deem important: grandma, home, school, etc. Be aware as soon as your child leaves them.


Follow movements

Mark an exact geofence you seem allowable to visit for your son or daughter. Keep up with their present location towards that area. Create your own safe space for children.


Be aware of movements

Get informed immediately after your child crosses marked spots. Receive a detailed information with place and time stamps into your phone.

How can the Kidgy Geofence feature help?

Parents can make sure that their child is safe remotely. Monitor locations you spotted. Keep calm when they are crossed, as you’ll be instantly updated about the kid’s exact position. Let parental control app follow and track territories you pay a particular attention to.

Prevent kidnapping

Make sure your child is safe at this very moment. Control their movements in real time and get notified when they come into an unknown place to react immediately.

Protect from abusers

Detailed notifications allow to find your kid wherever they are. Strangers won’t be able to attract your child to unknown places without you getting announced about it.

Boost performance

Limit the kid’s messing around after school or recreation centers. Fight the habit of coming late and wasting time at places which are inappropriate for children.

Manage work and parenting

Check on your daughter or son remotely. You don’t have to be physically near or call your child to make sure they are ok. Use the parental control software to follow your kid.


quote “My son is used to wandering after school and coming late. Tired of fighting it. So for me that’s a way out of this. Overall great tool for combining my work and parenthood. Get 5 stars from the best mom ever”.
Sarah, Washington
quote “Been using for 3 months. Have to admit they offer what they advertise. Besides, all those powerful free tools. Come on guys, $10 for having so much to use to protect your kid? Would definitely recommend to all moms from my community”.
Monica, Austin, TX
quote “Was shocked how cheap it is and how much they offer. Used trial and was surprised. Worked great. Use particularly this tool and daily planner. I’m a truck driver. Being far from home and still being aware of what’s going on with my kid. Anyway, helps a lot”.
Noah, Newcastle, UK

How to set up

These simple 3 steps will help you start monitoring your kid’s activity within 5 minutes.

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Download on Google Play/App store


Set up Parent/Child Profiles


Start Monitoring



“The Internet may turn into a hostile environment if parents ignore child’s online protection. Knowing what they are doing online is a must as well as using an effective parental control app like Kidgy.”

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