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iPhone Parental Controls

Get involved in your kid’s online life with the #1 iOS parental control application.

  • Follow your kid’s present GPS location
  • Manage their Internet activity
  • Access text messages and call logs
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  • Block unwanted apps
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  • Limit Internet access during school and dinner time
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Meet Kidgy

Kidgy is a parental control application for iPhone which serves as a digital assistant to busy parents. It takes all the stress out of tracking kids’ physical and online activities. iPhone parental controls was designed to give more free time to modern parents by checking on their kid’s location and online activity remotely.

Easy-to-use, it helps parents manage apps and online activity. You can block numbers from a phone book, manage and block apps and sites which seem destructive for your kid. Parents can track their children’s current GPS location, put boundaries on a map, and get informed once they are breached.



Your kid’s online activity, conversations via text messages, calls, and app usage are delivered to you in an easy, 1-page report via Kidgy parental control iPhone. You’ll get to know when your child is at home or at school. Simply set virtual fences around safe places (home, school, grandma’s, etc.) and get informed once your child crosses them.

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73% of teens literally live online with an average of 5 hours per day. Understand their online life and run your kid’s Internet activity distantly, limit or block sites promoting racism and violence, restrain apps’ usage, view call logs and text messages with the Kidgy iPhone parental control app.

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There are 750,000 registered online predators in the USA alone. They use social networks and different sites to trick children into sexting and even meeting in person. Control and limit time spent on social media and block sites with adult content. Put filters on Internet surfing with Kidgy iOS parental control software.

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Make usual home tasks simple and fun with Kidgy. Set tasks remotely and check when they are done via the Kidgy app. Get your kid ready for an adult life. Teach them how to manage time wisely with the Kidgy Daily Schedule.

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With Kidgy you can supervise your kid device current placing remotely

  • Get updates about your child’s GPS location
  • Set virtual borders and get notified when a kid leaves or enters them
  • Get them using the Panic Button and look through the route history
tooltip If a child uses Android device

Know what apps your kid installs and uses. Block those that you don’t approve

  • Look through apps your kid sets up
  • Limit time spent on each app
  • Receive a comprehensive report on apps’ usage
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View any text message sent or received by your child

  • Read any incoming and outgoing messages
  • Access time stamps
  • Receive a report to your device
tooltip If a child uses Android device

Find out why your kid won’t pick up that number. View all calls made and received with Kidgy.

  • View any call (received and made)
  • View calls details (time, date, duration)
  • Block contacts from the address book
Daily Schedule for kids

“Water the flowers, walk the dog, or read the book”, whatever the task is, you can always set it online via a Schedule Planner.

  • Set tasks and observe kids do them
  • Manage your kid’s workload virtually
Internet filter

Make your kid’s online surfing fun and safe with Kidgy. Block adult sites, limit access to apps and social media.

  • View your child’s online interests
  • Block unallowable sites’ URLs
  • Limit time for Internet wandering search
Parents iOS - Child iOS devices
  • Track locations
  • View contacts details
  • Set tasks via Kidgy Daily Schedule
  • Get your kid using a Panic Button
  • Use geo-fencing and be sure your kid is in safe zones


quote “Love this iPhone app cuz I don’t have to bother him with calls to check if he made it to school. Easy to use, almost never bothered with breakdowns, use the full stuff. Also, love this schedule planner. Use it regularly.”
Sophia, NB, USA
quote “No doubt, the idea of the app is great and I can say that it is delivered. I added about 50 sites I don’t want my daughter to view and now she can surf the web as much as she wants. 5 stars from our family.”
Rachel, MA, USA
quote “Not a tech savvy person. But this seemed easy so I gave it a try and don’t regret it. My son would spend nights next to his phone so what I did, I blocked internet access for the sleep hours. I know it is kinda mean, but he has to sleep sometime.”
Edward, Cardiff, Great Britain

How to set up

These simple 3 steps will help you start monitoring your kid’s activity within 5 minutes.

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Start Monitoring

Support 24/7

We’re one of the few companies which can boast about providing around-the-clock customer support in the parental mobile monitoring market. Kidgy customer service is available 24/7. Our clients can get in touch with us by phone or via e-mail.


“The Internet may turn into a hostile environment if parents ignore child’s online protection. Knowing what they are doing online is a must as well as using an effective parental control app like Kidgy.”

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