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Panic Button

A unique SOS message with precise location of your child is sent to you in case of emergency.
  • Receive an alert message with the exact location
  • Get them to contact you once in trouble
  • React immediately when danger occurs

What is Kidgy Panic Button?

The Kidgy panic button app was designed as a helpful addition to the GPS location tracker. It provides a kid with the chance to let their parents know when they are in trouble. The parental control app’s feature informs parents instantly that their child needs help.


Get alarm alerts

Wherever you are, at home or on the go, you’ll receive alarm notifications to your iPhone or Android phone once your kid clicks the Panic Button to contact you.


Receive location details

Once you’re informed about the situation, you’ll also get all the details to intervene promptly. The present GPS location and real-time place mark will be visible for you.


React immediately

When your child taps the Panic Button, you receive the necessary information as precise location and route history to help your kid right away.

How can Kidgy
Panic Button help?

How can Kidgy Panic Button help? The Kidgy panic app informs you that your kid got into an unpredictable situation. It’s a tool in your child’s hands to let you know they need help or intervention. School, bullies or any other inconveniences are not the reasons to worry once you’re informed about what’s going on.

Fight child kidnapping

Get instantly alerted if the communication with a particular person got beyond control. React in time to protect your kid from people they shouldn’t meet in person.

Prevent needless anxiety

Be informed if something went wrong and your kid is not where they are supposed to be. Prevent yourself from pointless worries simply by getting to know where your child is.

Partner with school agents

Assist teachers and other care takers when they are not capable to inform you about unplanned situations at school. Let your own child notify you.

Build relationships of trust

Cultivate the idea with your kid that they can trust you and let you know their whereabouts no matter what place they visit. Their safety is the #1 priority for every parent.


quote “Great idea, this emergency button. Once my kid clicked it when got hit by a dog on his way home. I called my sister to take him home. The dog was fine but still the application proved to be effective. So in case of emergencies I’m gonna know. My sis was impressed about how well GPS tracker found the place.”
Eva Fisher, Bonn, Germany
quote “Great parental control app for tech dummies like me. Hate this tech stuff. But this one is easy and really works for my whole family. My wife uses messages monitoring, schedule planner, and online filter. Anyway, helpful in many ways.”
Nina Fiore, Ferrara, Italy
quote “It works the way they say. Full-features and well packed. More than parental control. Serves as organizer and tracker. Virtual fences and panic button are worth paying $10, even more. Will recommend for sure. Here’s your 5 from me.”
Paul Williams, NV, USA

How to set up

These simple 3 steps will help you start monitoring your kid’s activity within 5 minutes.

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Set up Parent/Child Profiles


Start Monitoring

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