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Always know what your kid is doing online

  • Know your kid’s current GPS location
  • Let your loved ones inform you in case of emergency
  • Create geo-fences and get immediate notifications
  • Set tasks remotely with the Kidgy daily Scheduler

What Is Kidgy?

Kidgy was developed by digital parents to make a modern parenthood simpler and enjoyable. Designed as a digital assistant, this parental control application allows to supervise your kid’s online activity remotely. View and block adult websites and apps that promote harmful behavior. Monitor your kid’s current GPS location as well as set safe zones (school or home, e.g.)

and get alerted every time they enter or leave them. Also, set simple tasks and get notified once they are done with the Kidgy Daily Schedule. Kidgy parental control software acts within the strategies of international institutions like UNICEF which advocates for creating a safe online environment for kids.




Have no clue what your kid is doing online and whom they are chatting with? Or want to check their current whereabouts after school? Monitor your kid’s online activity, view texts and calls. Track your child’s GPS location. Set safe and dangerous zones around your home, grandma’s place, etc. Each time they cross these zones you will receive notifications.

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Worried about your kid’s obsessive apps’ usage? YouTube has already become your competitor for the kid’s attention? Set limits on apps like Snapchat, Facebook that reveals your kid’s location. Block adult sites or those that promote violence. Limit the time your child spends on social media to focus their attention on school assignments, home chores, etc.

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By now cyberbullying is among the top reasons of child’s depression? Have you checked their Facebook to find selfies that could harm their reputation? Prevent your kid’s from contacts with online predators who hide behind teenage profiles. Put filters on your kid’s Internet search. Block adult sites. Restrict social media usage during school or sleep hours.

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Do you want to check on their home assignments remotely? Or simply want to improve their school performance? Assign tasks and watch them being done remotely with the Kidgy parental control app. Teach them to manage time effectively. No need to call them each time you’re not around. With Kidgy you will know once they finish that book or complete their homework.

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Make sure that your kid is where they are supposed to be at that particular moment with Kidgy.

  • Get updates about your kid’s current GPS location
  • Set barriers (school, home, e.g.) on a virtual map and get notified when they are breached
  • Access the route history of your kid’s device

Don’t worry about your kid’s over usage of apps because you can easily manage it with Kidgy.

  • Monitor installed apps on your kid’s device
  • Limit or block apps usage
  • Get a personal one-page report onto your device’s control panel

Free yourself from embarrassment of having to take your kid’s phone to view their text messages.

  • View incoming and outgoing messages (even the deleted ones)
  • View the content of messages and time stamps
  • Get a personal report straight to your device

You don’t need to ask your kid who’s calling him. Access all call logs and contact details.

  • View all calls (made and received)
  • Block unwanted numbers
  • View call details (date, time, duration)
Daily Schedule for Kids

Kidgy daily planner allows to set simple tasks and get notified once they are done remotely.

  • Set tasks and check them being done
  • Manage your kid’s assignments remotely
Internet filter

With Kidgy you can manage your children’ Internet surfing and prevent them from online dangers.

  • Control your teen’s online activity
  • Block adult sites or those that promote violence and racism
  • Restrict Internet usage for school and sleep hours


quote “Overall good. The app basically delivers what is promised. Has some gap in route history but only when it comes to 3 months and earlier. Had to try 4 other parental control apps before buying this one. Internet filter and blocking apps features are my favorites. Not a big fan of reviews but Kidgy is worth a try”.
Peter, NY, USA
quote “Started a free trial just to check if Kidgy works. For 3 months haven’t had any issues. Use it to check on my son’s location for most. Also, like the geofencing feature where I can get notified once he is actually home. I like it as I don’t have to bother him with calls, after all he is 14. Now I simply view his route history remotely”.
Tom, Liverpool, England
quote “I have read about Blue Whale Challenge that creeped me out. Don’t know what should be happening to those kids that they decide to play such a mental game. I know we all think our kids are different and won’t fall for such a crazy game. But I am not taking the risk. I can spare 10 bucks to protect my kid”.
Chris, AZ, USA

How to set up

These simple 3 steps will help you start monitoring your kid’s activity within 5 minutes.

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“The Internet may turn into a hostile environment if parents ignore child’s online protection. Knowing what they are doing online is a must as well as using an effective parental control app like Kidgy.”

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