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Internet filtering

Internet filter

Make the Internet a safe place for your kid with the Kidgy Internet filter.

  • Block the Internet during school/sleep hours
  • Manage access to 18+, social media sites
  • Prevent cyber dangers
* When using a feature ‘Internet filter’ you are aware that blocking websites/URL you know are not good for your child is applicable only to the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Yandex, Opera.

What is the Kidgy Internet filter?

The Kidgy web filter is tailored to the needs of every family. Parents can manage their kid’s online activity. The parental control app’s feature allows you to block or limit access to sites and the most popular browsers.


Control online activity

Manage what sites your kid browses. Set Internet limits and control the most commonly used social media networks remotely right from your Android or iPhone cell phone.


Block popular browsers

Protect your kid from lewd content and Internet risk like cyberbullying. Block adult sites and browsers for sleep, school and dinner time with the Kidgy Internet filter.


Restrict Internet for school

Save your kid’s time during school and sleeping hours. Limit your child’s screen time and Internet surfing. Correct the evening routine and, thus, daily effectiveness.

How can the Kidgy web filter feature help?

With the Kidgy content filter feature you can be sure your kid won’t visit adult sites, improper social networks (e.g. dating), or use browsers for wrong purposes. With the app’s parental control feature the online environment becomes a safe source of knowledge for education and decent entertainment.

Prevent Internet risks

Decrease your child’s exposure online. Restrict personal information leak. Physical addresses and credit card numbers are never to be shared online. Defend against cyberbullying, sexting and adult content.

Protect from online predators

Online predators hide behind fake profiles. Identify who befriends your kid on social media. Monitor who your kid is communicating with. Block unhealthy online chatting and prevent a potential meeting.

Increase productivity

Regain lost time for school and sleeping hours and correct their daily routine. Navigate the workflow and leisure time. Make an everyday life more effective remotely with your iPhone or Android phone.

Educate securely

The Internet will be beneficial for your kid with the Kidgy web filtering. Limit access to improper sites. Find new educational ones. Let your kid use the Internet for school reports, useful life hacks and tips.

Customer Testimonials

quote “I forbade my son to communicate with some boys from his school. Got clear after looking through my son’s call logs and seeing he didn’t keep his promise. Good stuff. Practical and useful in some particular situations”.
Sam Williams, TX, USA
quote “Quick installation for my iPhone and my daughter’s Android. Nice and helpful support. Actually a great time saver. It is what I expected a parental control app to be. Plus Internet filters and task manager happened to be very useful”.
Edgard Morris, Bath, England
quote “Had some bad experience with previous parental control in terms of compatibility and blocking some sites. This one appeared to provide quick pairing. Really impressed. Also, banned some URLs I couldn’t block before. Completely satisfied. Will recommend for sure”.
Michelle Mathiew, Rennes, France

How to set up

These simple 3 steps will help you start monitoring your kid’s activity within 5 minutes.

man iphone

Download on Google Play/App store


Set up Parent/Child Profiles


Start Monitoring

Block calls
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“The Internet may turn into a hostile environment if parents ignore child’s online protection. Knowing what they are doing online is a must as well as using an effective parental control app like Kidgy.”

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