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Call Blocker

call tracker

Identify who’s disturbing your kid with constant calls.

  • View calls made and received
  • Find out contact details
  • Block unwanted numbers

What is Kidgy call tracking?

Kidgy Calls feature was designed to help parents be aware of who their kids are talking to by phone and the frequency of the calls. It allows to view contact details and manage them. Parents can ban unwanted numbers and protect kids from troublesome communication.


View call logs

Whatever the call is, made or received, you can always view it remotely with Kidgy. Find out which contact needs to be paid attention to by viewing the contact details.


Block unwanted contacts

Monitoring contacts from a cell phone contact book can tell you which one needs to be blocked. Protect your kid from people you think they shouldn’t communicate with.


View call details

Find out date and time your child talked with that particular person. Know how much time your child spent talking with that exact contact to prevent odd communication.

How can Kidgy Calls
feature help?

With Kidgy phone calls tracker feature a parent can view all calls and track people behind them. They can stop communication their children are not able to get rid of. The feature allows to block unnecessary contacts and, thus, decrease unwanted influence.

Prevent odd contacts

After looking through call tracker logs you’ll know what numbers are not beneficial for your kid and need to be blocked on their behalf.

Protect from bullying

Bullying is often spread via constant calls kids are used to withdrawing. Find out who’s calling and ban contacts that hurt your kid.

Know your kid better

Time, date, and duration stamps of any call are delivered to your phone. Depict communications that seem abnormal for your child.

Supervise remotely

Supervise your kid’s call logs when far from home with Kidgy call tracking software. Control and manage your child’s Android or iPhone phone book remotely.

Customer Testimonials

quote “I forbade my son to communicate with some boys from his school. Got clear after looking through my son’s call logs and seeing he didn’t keep his promise. Good stuff. Practical and useful in some particular situations”.
Diana Taylor, CA, USA
quote “Love this parental control app and recommend it for sure. All my friends use it for their kids. It has everything you’d expect from parental control application. Full-featured and practical. Gain your 5 starts”.
Alonza Cremonezi, Bari, Italy
quote “Became a big fan because it meets all my needs as a parent. Easy to figure out the functionality. Support staff helpful and nice. I would definitely recommend it, especially if you’re not tech-savvy”.
Missy Coollidge, MN, USA

How to set up

These simple 3 steps will help you start monitoring your kid’s activity within 5 minutes.

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Set up Parent/Child Profiles


Start Monitoring

     Block apps
    Internet filter


“The Internet may turn into a hostile environment if parents ignore child’s online protection. Knowing what they are doing online is a must as well as using an effective parental control app like Kidgy.”

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