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 Blocking Apps

Kidgy Applications

Control your kid’s applications usage and block apps that promote harmful behavior.

  • View installed apps
  • Monitor apps usage
  • Block inappropriate ones

What is Kidgy Applications?

The parental control app’s feature is designed to help parents manage their kid’s screentime. It allows to restrict or block apps and, thus, control the device’s influence on kids. Children can release more time for school assignments and home chores.


Monitor installed apps

Track all apps installed on your kid’s phone. Identify which are overused and control them properly.


Manage apps’ usage

Limit access to apps that distract your child from school. Bring them back to family get-togethers.


Get a one-page report

View which apps your child uses via a simple one-page report straight from your Android or iPhone.

How Kidgy Applications
feature can help?

With Blocking Apps feature you can monitor installed apps and control how much time your kids spend on them. Limit YouTube watch and block text messages apps. Allow your kid to spend time on apps that you think are educational or healthy for their development.

Boost productivity

Managing how much time your kid spends on apps can significantly increase their school performance. Correct your kid’s sleeping hours by limiting time for applications.

Educate with fun

Identify which a pplications seem unhealthy for your kid and limit access to them. Pick the educational or entertaining ones you approve and suggest them to your kid.

Prevent E-risks

Decrease the influence of too much YouTube watch and uncontrolled social networks chatting. Limit your kid’s access to online games to prevent game addiction.

Manage remotely

Supervise your kids while working or on a business trip remotely. View what apps take your kid’s time in odd hours and block app you don’t approve of remotely.


quote “I was literally pissed off ‘cause my kid was obsessed with Pokemon go app. So this feature was a way out of this. Love scheduler and panic button. Great thing for hyper active kids like mine. Get 5 from me.”
Nora, NB, USA
quote “Love that all purchase details are relevant to what they advertise. Quite practical in everyday life. At least my son does not play games till late night.”
Clara, Malaga, Spain
quote “Found super easy to set on my Android cell phone cause previously had some problems with other parental controls. Clear and efficient. ”
Serge, Nice, France

How to set up

These simple 3 steps will help you start monitoring your kid’s activity within 5 minutes.

man iphone

Download on Google Play/App store


Set up Parent/Child Profiles


Start Monitoring

Panic button
Block calls